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Mold Information Center

Mold Information Center NJ“…AllStates Cleaning & Restoration is the most trusted name in environmental abatement industry, with over 25 years combined experience in cleaning, restoration and mold remediation…”

Mold Remediation NJ

    Welcome to AllStates Cleaning & Restoration, This page was created with the objective to educate as well as help you in your existing mold and mildew situation. Our objective here at AllStates Cleaning & Restoration is NOT to sell you though but rather EDUCATE you on mold Inspection, testing and remediation.

    We believe and found that an educated consumer understanding the common sense approach to mold and mildew testing and removal and most likely will seek our support in their time of need.

    What exactly is mold remediation?  What steps would you follow? These are only two of the many questions you’ll have.  We would like to educate you that there’s a safe and secure non-toxic technique in mold and mildew remediation following the Environmental Protections Agency (EPA) Guidelines.

    In reality, we’re one of the few firms in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania & New York that truly follows the EPA Guidelines.  You’ll learn this and about our only one of its kind successful product and methods as we answer your questions.

    In case there are any questions which answered here or you would like to discuss with a mold professional please contact us at 732-722-5211 or Toll-Free 888-651-2532.  You can call this numbers any time and even talk to the owner of the company directly.

    The Mold Cleanup Info Center at AllStates Cleaning & Restoration

    Mold Appearance After Basement FloodingWe at AllStates Cleaning & Restoration want to support and help you in your difficult time of mildew and mold remediation.

    Please call for a free phone consultation.  Many mold removal companies charge a fee for a mold report and proposal.  Our free phone consultation and inspection that includes recommendations, protocol, and information on mold.

    We provide literature and a proposal.  Again, our objective is always to educate and inform you before you make a decision to move forward.  The only approach to make an informed decision is to provide all the information at your fingertips in order for you to move forward.

    Please enjoy your time on our web-site and watch the video below we look forward to working with you in order to earn your mold remediation business.

    Watch the video below that will bring light about your mold journey…



    AllStates Cleaning & Restoration

    To schedule free mold phone consultation, call 888.651.2532 or click here.

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