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You are About to Learn One of the Best No Dust Ways to get your Hardwood Floor Refinished In As Little As a Few Hours

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Walked On…Stomped On…Run Over…
Your Hardwood Laminate Floors Are Crying Out For My Help! – Sandless DustFree

Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing nj & Cleaning

Nothing has changed…The soil that made the carpets dirty is now building up and damaging your wood floor. Did the floor installer tell you how to properly maintain your floor? Trying to clean the dirt with harsh store bought cleaning products: oil soaps, vinegar, waxes, and other popular citrus wood floor cleaners can ruin your floors.

These cleaners create a sticky build-up that attracts dirt faster, which acts like sandpaper scratching the finish.

Vinegar is an acid that chews through the surface on your floors. It is a good disinfectant, but does nothing to remove the dirt and oil and only spreads them around.

Did you know?…Most dirt and oil are acids and acids do not dissolve acids.

With oil soap cleaners the only thing left after the water evaporates is oily residue! Oily residue gets in the cracks of the wood floor creating a difficult situation when Hardwood Floor Refinishing.

Do you see why the floors seem dull and not shiny like when they were new?

Get down and look at your hardwood floors. Feel the stickiness from the cleaning residue and grease? Notice the black lines running along the cracks between the boards of the floor. Those dark lines running along the sides of the boards are pockets of oil and dirt. Take a white towel, put a little cleaner on it, and wipe the floor. See the black dirt on the towel?

Dust Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing NJ & Cleaning Service

Help is on the Way!

Hello, my name is Sean’… I’m the owner of AllStates Cleaning & Restoration and I believe you’ll love the results of my No dust hardwood floor refinishing system that I’m willing to take all the risk.

I’m so confident that I can bring your hardwood floors back to life, that you’ll get a better than money back guarantee.

If you don’t see a dramatic difference with your Hardwood Floor Refinishing or you don’t think your floors sparkles, I won’t even accept your check and for wasting your time…

I’ll pay you $20.00!”

That’s My Promise To You!

“Let Me Make It Clear…
You’ll Love My Wood Floor Results…
Or You Don’t Pay!”

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and cleaning system is safe for just about every type of floor, streak and residue free, and removes the buildup left from previous cleaning agents. Our process does more than just surface clean your floors, it gets down in the cracks and removes the oily soil, pollutants, old floor cleaner buildup, bacteria, and more. – Hardwood Floor Refinishing NJ SQUEAKY FLOOR CARE SYSTEM

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Bonus…After cleaning we will provide you with our Squeaky Floor Care system to help you safely maintain the health of your hardwood floors.

Right now do you just want to try the Squeaky Floor Care system? Great! For $34.99 I will drop off the system and if later you decide to have me clean your floors I will take $34.99 off of the cleaning price!

This is a “Do It Yourself” Hardwood Floor Refinishing, maintenance cleaning system that keeps your new or recently sanded and refinished hardwood floors looking like new.

We have become certified in hardwood laminate floor cleaning with the patented Tykote® Refinishing system. This is a safe cleaning system for most hardwood floors and laminates. The process dries quickly with very minor odor. The re-sealing process is a Green process with very low VOCs. Hardwood Floor Cleaning NJ, This system is tough enough to protect some of the most expense gym floors.

No-Dust Hardwood Floor Refinishing NJ & Cleaning Services

3 Cleaning Options:

1. Intensive Cleaning Process: Aggressively and safely removes past cleaner buildup, oil, and most other harmful pollutants.

Intensive Cleaning Process

2. Intensive Clean and Refinish Process: Aggressively and safely removes past cleaner buildup, oil, and most other harmful pollutants PLUS refinishes the floor to a uniform sheen.

Intensive Clean and Refinish Process

3. Tycote® Dust Free Recoating: Aggressively and safely removes past cleaner buildup, oil, and most other harmful pollutants PLUS refinishes the floor to a uniform sheen and provides a durable protective coating.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Give us a call and I will come out and provide a No Obligation Floor Audit showing Hardwood Floor Refinishing NJ what can be done for your floor. 732-722-5211

 Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Before and After

Before Hardwood Floor Sandless Refinishing
After Hardwood Floor Sandless Refinishing

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