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Area rug service Cleaning & Repair NJ

Area rug service Cleaning & Repair NJ

Area Rug Cleaning NJ by AllStates Cleaning & Restoration, with various area rugs/fine oriental rugs are high priced and are made from fragile natural fibers like Cotton, Sisal, Wool, Silk, Jute, Sea Grass and many more.  Our properly trained specialists are certified to

clean all of them for you. Foundation materials along with fabric dyes can’t be washed in the way we typically clean and restore synthetic carpets (such as olefin, nylon, and polyester).

Most professional carpet & upholstery cleaning methods include utilizing high heat, high water pressure, intense agitation, and intensive chemical substance process. Most oriental rugs can’t be cleaned utilizing these systems. A much more delicate “hand washing” method should be used to safely clean area / oriental rugs cleaning NJ.

Considering that more time is involved in hand wash and more intricate cleaning solutions should be used to stay away from damaging the fabric dyes as well as fibers you realized that area / oriental rug cleaning will be higher priced than typical carpet cleaning. It is.

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As a result of the dense pile structure of area rugs, dirt particles work their way down through the fibers – to the backing basis of the area / oriental rug from which they can’t be extracted by conventional vacuuming.

This loose grit wreaks havoc on your area rug’s gentle fibers, creating a cutting abrasive action while you walk on the rug. Abrasion accounts for fiber loss (wear) and embedded soil unsightly stains.

Area rug cleaning NJ

Area rug cleaning NJ : 732-722-5211

Different types of soil such as pet oils and food particles “hide” in the dense pile, crafting your rugs a perfect haven for viruses, harmful bacteria, along with other nasty creatures for instance dust mites!

Dust mites are really small to be seen but happen to be the most typical reason for all year round bronchial asthma and allergic reaction. They live in rugs, pillows, mattresses, carpets, upholstery, bed covers, and clothes – anywhere they can feed on dead flakes of human skin.

All foreign pollutants inside your area rug must be removed by specialized cleaning regularly to maintain your oriental/area rugs “healthy”.

We utilize one of a kind and comprehensive high-volume clear water rinse extraction method. You see, the amount of water used to clean area rugs is directly relative to the massive amount of soil removed in the rinsing process.


We can easily plan for a pickup and delivery of your oriental rugs for a small charge. Please call for an audit appointment. Your high traffic area rug should be light cleaned a few times per year and thoroughly cleaned at least one time a year by a professional. Lower traffic area rugs need to be cleaned pretty much every 2-3 years to rinse away accumulated soil & airborne dirt and dust. Whether or not the rug doesn’t “LOOK” filthy … it should be regularly washed.

Rug Cleaning Service NJ

Rug Cleaning Service NJ : Call 732-722-5211

Cleaning Tour! We’ll take you on a short journey through our cleaning procedure, from pre-cleaning testing and inspection to finishing work.

PRE-CLEANING INSPECTION: Each rug is inspected for any pre-existing conditions. Many times, soil covers up dye lot variations (abrash), fiber staining, prior dye bleeding, worn areas or white knots that become “uncovered” after the cleaning. Some of these are weaving characteristics (abrash and white knots), and others are damage that can possibly be repaired or reversed. We will discuss any areas of concern that you have regarding your rugs, and your options.

DUSTING: Once the pre-cleaning inspection is complete and the cleaning proceeds, the first step is dusting. Some rugs can hold up to one pound of dirt per square foot before it will “look” dirty. Dusting is an important first step to the cleaning process. This is performed with a vacuum cleaner to “loosen” the dirt out of the foundation of your rug.

FLOODING: The dyes of your rug are tested for colorfastness. If the dyes are not colorfast, then the rug is bathed first in a dye stabilizer to set the dyes during the cleaning process. The rug is then given a cool water, mild shampoo bath, using soft brushes for mild agitation. The rug is soaked for a certain length of time, depending on how much surface soil and spot- ting needs to be gently worked out an rinsed from the rug’s fibers. The rug is thoroughly rinsed with water and then the water is vacuumed out with a professional recovery machine.

DRYING: Air movers are used to help facilitate drying, without the use of high heat (so there is no worry of shrinkage). Upon a first cleaning, it is typical for a rug to shrink slightly (less than an inch) – just as cotton and wool clothing does in even a cold water hand cleaning. And as for throwing wool or cotton in a high heat dryer, you know this shrinks natural fibers …this is why we dry our rugs the way we do.

FRINGE WORK AND FINISHING Fringe tassels are cleaned an additional time after the bath. The tassels are then dried. The rug is given a final grooming with a horsehair brush, and then rolled and ready to go home. – Oriental Rug Cleaning NJ

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