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Certified__IICRC_BBB_Normi_Ethical_Services-1A disaster can cause a serious amount of frustration and headache. We at AllStates Cleaning & Restoration Services understand how devastating it can be to lose valuable belongings and significant investments like the home. With our help, you won’t have to suffer for long, and we will work our hardest to exceed your expectations.

We will handle the insurance companies, letting you focus on getting back to normal instead. Our services and assistance will ensure as fast and painless a process as possible.

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AllStates Cleaning & Restoration has been in the restoration and cleaning industry in the North East area including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania for many years. We are certified by the IICRC (www.iicrc.org ) within the cleaning and restoration arena. We have the highest standards of cleaning and restoration that will meet your needs, guaranteed.

We focus on consumer education and we have dedicated our company to providing the consumer with the up-to-date information, so the consumer can make an educated decision on choosing a professional cleaning or restoration company.

We provide a 24-hour free recorded consumer information hotline that allows consumers to phone a recorded number and listen to the differences in AllStates Cleaning & Restoration & Cleaning Servicescleaning and restoration methods and provides questions to ask a carpet cleaner or a restoration company before inviting them into their home. The toll-free number is 1-888.651-2532.

This consumer information is also provided in a booklet form and may be obtained by calling 732-956-3900 or on our website: AllStates Cleaning & Restoration.com

AllStates Cleaning & Restoration is always ready to assist the media in providing protection for consumers. We are part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate the bait and switch Cleaning Companies that prey on the uneducated.

AllStates is an Ethical service provider www.ethicalservices.com

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